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CERME was founded on October 1997, as a result of a joint venture between University of Brasília and the Department of Mines and Energy. The Department and many Regulatory Agencies working in the energy sector manifested an interest in the development and creation of a program to capacitate employees in the Regulation´s field.

In that occasion, financed with resources from the joint-venture and directly linked to UnB´s Department of Economics, CERME´s primary objective was to create an area of Research on Electric Energy Regulation in Brazil. These tasks amongst others were left under the responsibility of a select group of professors from UnB´s Economics and the Electrical Engineering Department.

On 1999 CERME became an auto financed Research Center expanding its activities to training, consulting, conducting researches and studies on Regulation, although this time not restrict to  Electrical Energy but also on Telecommunications, Petrol and Gas,  Sanitation,  Competitors’ Defense, and other industries.

On 2001, CERME inaugurated its first postgraduate program on Regulation Economics and Competitors Defense – REDE. CERME offered training programs and consulting linked to UnB´s Economics Department until 2003.